This work is done on a percentage-of-assets fee basis.

Peterson Financial Services, LLC focuses on investment portfolio management. The vast majority of our client services are in this area, assisting individuals, trusts, non-profits, corporate accounts, and retirement plans.


This work is done on an hourly-fee basis.

Peterson Financial Services, LLC also assists clients in the analysis and calculation of various goals they may have. Generally, a client will want to know if the amount of money they’re saving for retirement will be enough to achieve the desired lifestyle they want at that time. Or, perhaps parents would like to pay for – or at least help – with their children’s college education expenses. But, they have no idea what that will cost and what they must save to get there. In these, and similar situations, we’ll collect data on the exact, specific nature of the goal, the resources the client has already allocated toward that goal, the ongoing amounts they can save regularly toward the goal, and we’ll make reasonable, conservative assumptions about variables such as asset growth rates, available saving time, taxation impacts, and inflationary erosion of purchasing power – among other things – to arrive at a conclusion as to whether the current effort is sufficient or deficient. If deficient, we’ll recommend alternative strategies to close that gap. This effort provides a good starting point to working a plan to achieve the goal. Any plan not thought out and written down, cannot be monitored, adjusted, or achieved.


This work is done on a commission basis.

Peterson Financial Services, LLC additionally provides insurance services. We are not “captive” agents associated with a given insurance company. Rather, we search nationally through thousands of products offered by hundreds of insurance companies through a general agency brokerage firm. This allows us to screen for variables such as company ratings, price, product design and other factors, so that we may tailor the specific policy to the particular client need.